Have Fun & Learn How to Prevent Fraud!

Come play bingo and learn how to scam proof your life with our friends from the AARP Fraud Watch Network!

Financial crimes including scams, identity theft and consumer fraud are the most frequently attempted crimes every day in the United States. Millions of Americans are losing billions of dollars to new scams and still others that may seem like the “oldest trick in the book.” Technology has made it easier for criminals to access personal information and financial accounts from anywhere in the world. These criminals know how to “cover their tracks” and most investigations lead to dead ends, meaning the only way to fight these crimes is for people to recognize and avoid them in the first place.

The presentation is based on analysis of undercover FBI recordings of con-artists in action, consumer protection laws and reports from crime victims. The discussion can include a variety of topics depending on the audience’s interest: scams, identity theft, credit card fraud, cyber security and online safety, investment fraud, consumer protections, abuse within families and more.

Jay Haapala is Associate State Director of Community Engagement with AARP Minnesota and leads the state’s Fraud Watch Network which serves to educate consumers about fraud, scams and identity theft. He and AARP Fraud Fighter volunteers have met with over 750 community groups across the state, law enforcement officials and fraud investigators, learning how people are being targeted and victimized right here in Minnesota. He has worked and served in the Minnesota nonprofit sector for 20 years building volunteer programs, and now is doing the same to build a network of fraud fighter volunteers with AARP

Please RSVP by November 15th by emailing info@granitecommunitybank.com